Tik Tok Tea

WOW the tea was hot this week.

Okay yes it’s embarrassing as a 21 year old to be so invested in this drama (is Tik Tok going to exist in a week even @Government???)

BUT lots of stuff happened

SO here’s the breakdown: (These are all tik tokers, FYI)

Charli and Chase (Lil Huddy) used to date

They broke up after speculations that Lil Huddy tried to cheat on her with Nessa Barrett, prompting Nessa’s boyfriend at the time Josh Richards to drop a diss track

ANYWAYS Charli and Chase seemed to be reconciling BUT she unfollowed him on Instagram? Which is the biggest FU!

So being a social media influencer, Chase tweeted that him and Nessa kissed and everyone went wild. Charli’s friends, Josh’s friends….not to mention both couples recently broke up so it’s pretty scummy to add fuel to the fire, Chase and Nessa!

Since Chase had nothing to lose he then placed blame on a bunch of other Tik Tokers calling them out for being d-bags too..

They all made up, which tbh I’m sad about…I loved the drama.

That’s just the short story but more in my potential podcast and the best Instagram I follow right now @tiktokroom. Get your scoop there and thank me later 🙂

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