Sharing my Haul? Skin Care? Am I an Instagram Influencer?

Happy July 6? I’m trying to get better with blogging so here’s my take on it.

I had a fun July 4 weekend- not too chill, not too extravagant. But now, I’m quite glad the Instagram and Snap stories are over (Guilty)

I was more excited that all my July 4 packages came in the mail! Namely, my Veja sneakers (spoiler alert: if you have wide feet, I recommend not purchasing these babies) AND my new face care stuff!

I was super excited about my Vejas because it was a special Madewell x Veja collab but tbh I’m disappointed I could barely get the shoe on my foot because it’s so swollen :/ (keep up, we all know I broke my leg). RIP that purchase… but here’s the link if you’re interested:

SO the skincare…I ordered from the site called Blume and while I feel like I probably got ripped off (is 82 dollars a lot for skin care stuff?) I was super excited, nonetheless.

I ordered the All in Skin bundle– It had the face wash, a mist spray, a tea tree oil, and a jade roller (I was really happy they threw the jade roller in there)

I happily used my Blume kit in that respective order and feel my skin is already tightening and alive? I was hesitant about the jade roller so I read some articles beforehand (as one usually does when purchasing something questionable from the internet)

A jade roller is made out of rose quartz and is a rolling stick that one is supposed to roll on their face. It has two ends- one for the face and one for under the eyes. Beware, the roller made my face turn red but apparently it is supposed to have a healing power? I felt kind of relaxed and really felt my tea tree oil seeping into my skin (hopefully clearing up the acne I’ve been getting from my mask). I recommend using it- it’s a great ~cooling~ tool and hopefully I’ll see results! They say the less you use on your face the better, so hopefully my skin will thank me later 🙂

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