Quarantunes? Quarantunes.

If you follow my Spotify, you know I always do my best to come up with crafty playlist names. A few months ago I took it upon myself to create “Quarantunes,” a mix of my favorites in quarantine and summer. Take a look.

Now, let me preface this by saying, not all of these songs came out this year. They just happened to be my most played in the last few months. SO why not rank my top 5? WARNING: There may be a ton of The Weeknd songs, bear with me

5. Blinding Lights- The Weeknd

A bop. It even became a Tik Tok dance! The Weeknd has reclaimed his pop sound with this fast paced banger. Though, I have a negative association with it (broken ankle anyone?), it truly rose to the ranks as a summer hit.

4. American Teen-Khalid

The first time I heard this song was a great vibe (A frat house..). Gone are the days of being a stupid teenager… Khalid just makes me happy af ok?

3. He- Jai Paul

I don’t even know the artist, but this song reminds me of the first few days of quarantine. Introduced to me by older bro!

2. Adore You- Harry Styles

I was THE BIGGEST 1D fan so when Harry dropped Fine Line, you bet my Directioner heart melted a bit. Just makes me fall in love with Harry all over again (his vocal range is impeccable). Really whacky music video also.

1.In Your Eyes- The Weeknd

Off of his latest album After Hours, this song makes me feel like someone is trying to fall in love with me. Maybe its Abel Tesfaye? I love the beat (shoutout to the sax at the end). Just ugh. Everything about it.

40% The Weeknd…oops…

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