Ahhh to be 21in the Q…

If you didn’t know it was my 21, you’re living under a rock. Self proclaimed social media addict (I almost have a BA in the field to prove it), I felt like I was a tad annoying? I stayed true to my word as I mentioned in my last episode with no reposts of stories (though I did repost me chugging a champagne bottle, pictured below)

As I enter a new year of my life, I reflect back on things that I probably shouldn’t have gotten too “pressed” over. Let’s list em:

  1. Who cares who posts for you?
  2. Who cares who doesn’t text you (still me…I’m working on this)
  3. Your presence is a present

The last one feels especially true during this time in the Q. The people who cared, made the effort to see me (socially distanced, of course). I was present in my moment too. While I did kinda go out with a bang (Ubering to a different state during a pandemic after two margaritas seems like a great idea!), I could’ve done a lot more damage (ie: Coulda broken my other ankle but GOD FORBID).

I started this Monday with a really Monday feeling. Normally, I would be sad my birthday is over, but for some odd reason, I was actually quite happy and happy to go back to my regular zoom class (THANK GOD MY SUMMER CLASS IS OVER THIS WEEK!). Yeah, it’s nice to be told I’m a legend (literally for some reason a few of my stories said HBD Legend?), but in the grand scheme of things, does it really matter?

My champagne birthday didn’t come into fruition the way I pictured, but that’s what made it so much more exciting. Also I’m normally about the motto: don’t believe everything you see on social media, but you best believe I had a special day. Podcast coming up on Thursday to prove it, so you can thank me later for that recap.

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