Is this thing on?

You’re confused. So am I.

Hi. It’s Hannah, my guess is my close friends and family are the only ones reading this, but I’m hoping one day, I’ll be famous enough that this blog actually got me somewhere.

Media. It’s literally all around us. When I’m bored, I pick up my phone, check my social media accounts (favorites right now are Snapchat, Instagram and Tik Tok) and try to suppress that boredom. It feels like an outlet for self expression

Why do this?

  • Because I couldn’t get a job
  • Because I want to do something for myself
  • Because I want to engage with others and be relatable

I don’t know where this will take me and even if it’s nowhere, I know down the road I’ll be proud I created this website and podcast

The website is called (Thank Me Later Daily- shoutout to the domain holder I’m salty but it’s ok)

I’m going to do my best to blog every day, linking the relevant podcast with the post. So if I’m boring you with my voice, you have something to read along with it.

They say first is the worst, so hopefully for my second post I’ll feel more inspired.

But for now, you can thank me later.

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